Climate trends and trees

In recent years, the Northeast has experienced a warmer, wetter climate. As the climate changes, trees are impacted. To protect and preserve our green resources, we need to care for them by pruning out defects early on. This will make trees more structurally sound to weather the weather. When the temperature stays warmer longer into the season, trees drop leaves later and later leaving them susceptible to unexpected early snow and ice storms. The extra surface area that holds the precipitation causes the weight of the snow and ice to add up cracking branches and whole trees.

If we recall, this happened two years ago in the October snow storm. Proper pruning and thinning can help some species of trees. A certified arborist from Arbor Ace Tree Services will be more than happy to come to your site and make recommendations on how to care for your trees in order to protect you and your property. We will discuss how to prune for safety and structure so your trees will be less of a liability and remain one of our Earth’s greatest resources.