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Call to have a Certified Arborist provide a tree inspection, today: (973) 903-1641


  • review rating 5  I wanted to update my initial review from 2017 (see below) because I had the team come out again for some additional work (see details below) and once again Mike, Mike, and Joe along with A.J. helping out during a semester break were fantastic. August 2018 review - I called the team to help with dead limbs on a neighbor's tree overhanging my yard and to help sort out another tree out front in distress. As before, they explained the plan for the work that included respecting the neighbor's tree while making my yard safe for people and an ornamental tree that was being encroached, and gaining approval from the town to address the distressed tree. As before, I am thrilled with the outcome, and so are my neighbors - the trees still look like trees, only better - Thank you guys! November 2017 review - From the initial estimate when Mike explained the goals for pruning a massive oak in the back yard and a smaller tree in the front to clear branches away from wires, to the on-site work as they explained additional details about the trees and their overall health, engaging the neighbors affected by overhanging limbs, and cleaning up not only the branches taken down, but even the leaves in the gutters and flower beds. This is one team that delivers on their promises and then some - so rare and refreshing! Hire this team, you will be glad you did!!

    thumb Lane O'Shea
  • review rating 5  Mike and his team were absolute experts, quick service really seemed to care about safety and clean work. I would definitely recommend these guys for your tree work.

    thumb Jon Straffin
  • review rating 5  Arbor Ace removed 4 trees from my property including one extremely large maple in my back yard that was becoming dangerous because of decay. Mike and Joe were great to work with. They assessed the trees, gave their recommendations, answered all of our questions and walked us through how they were going to do the work, even taking an extra trip out to our house beforehand to plan out the removal. They were prompt and had the job done in one day. They cleaned up so well that the only sign they had been there were the stumps. I would highly recommend Arbor Ace.

    thumb Teresa Stahl
  • review rating 5  Make Arbor Ace your only call for tree service. Joe was prompt in providing an estimate for the work and was always available to answer any questions about the job. He set high expectations and Mike & Mike delivered on them. They were complete professionals respecting both mine and my neighbors properties, cleaning up every bit of debris and even after two long days of work, did additional cleanup beyond the contract because they strive to deliver the best experience possible for a homeowner. They are knowledgeable about their trade and will be my only call next time I need tree work on my property.

    thumb Social Junk
  • review rating 5  Had an entire limb fall off of a Norwegian Maple in the front yard. Tree is damaged and needs removal. Called multiple tree services to no avail. Called Arbor Tree Service early in the AM and spoke to Mike who said that his team would be in touch shortly. 20 minutes later, received a call from Joe who was extremely helpful and informative. Very professional, straightforward and honest when he gave the estimate. Joe went above & beyond getting this on the right track for a prompt resolution. I would recommend their services without any hesitation.

    thumb Jason Rosa
  • review rating 5  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: FRIENDLY, PROFESSIONAL, KNOWLEDGEABLE, VERY THOROUGH, COURTEOUS!!! Called Arbor Ace for a non-emergency possible tree removal for a pin oak tree that was over 3 stories high, in between power lines, 2 sheds, a shared fence, and was starting to lift the ground around it. They gave an estimate on when, how long the job would be, and what to expect. They were able to also address all of my questions i had. At the end, we decided it was best to remove the tree. The job was finished in 3 half days (its December, so days are short now), stored and cleaned up the all the branch debris. I was expecting to come home with tree twigs everywhere the day they took down the branches and chipped the wood. I thought i would have to do some light sweeping but was surprised to not find branch/tree debris in my backyard, front yard, drive way or street. They were swift, thorough, efficient! They were able to cut the tree and grind the stump with no damage to our shared fence, sheds, or bushes around the tree. They were very friendly and courteous. They called ahead, reviewed logistics with our schedule, street cleaning, and where to park their vehicles. They also contacted our neighbors ahead of time with permission to use their backyard and block the drive way. I would absolutely recommend them as they went above and beyond expectations.

    thumb Joy Intasamakul

Tree Removal Albion Place NJ: Tree Service Company

It’s tough to know when it is absolutely necessary to cut down a tree, but the Arbor Ace Tree Service – an arborist-led tree service in Montclair NJ – has certified arborist Mike Zelenka to offer his expert advice on the decision. Shockingly, some severely storm damaged trees need only some strategic tree cutting to prevent injury and damage from falling limbs. This method of strategic tree-trimming can shrink the long term costs of tree removal. Arbor Ace Tree Service can handle all of your emergency requirements covered as a respected tree service serving Albion Place NJ.

Tree Service Albion Place NJ

Hiring an arborist led tree service such as Arbor Ace for year-round tree service, you can significantly reduce or eliminate the cost of your potential long term tree removal in Montclair NJ. For example, routine tree cutting, pruning, and trimming serve to strengthen tree limbs by guiding nutrients to the vital limbs as well as the trunk of the tree. Arbor Ace provides a large number of other tree services in Passaic County, including fertilization, which will serve to strengthen your trees. Furthermore, healthy trees are significantly less vulnerable to diseases and insect damage than neglected trees. An additional way to decrease your tree removal costs is to take advantage of money saving coupons and specials. If you’re in need of an arborist-led tree service in Albion Place NJ, talk to Arbor Ace right away!

Tree Cutting Albion Place NJ

Making certain your trees get everything they need to flourish is what our number one goal is, making us a top choice for an arborist led tree service contractor in Montclair NJ and the rest of the local Passaic County NJ region. Considering the needs of your trees in term of nutrients is something many homeowners don’t do because they assume nature is capable of taking care of itself. Despite the fact that this is true in a natural forest setting, this can be considerably different in an urban or suburban setting. The fact that in a forest, debris is going to supply nutrients to the soil once they decompose that will be cleared away in residential areas is the main reason why this is the case. We supply effective treatments that are capable of supplying the required nutrients for your trees to have a long and healthy life. We’re capable of applying fertilizer with slow realize nutrients, which are capable of making up for what the suburban soil lacks when it comes to essential organic nutrients. Call a qualified tree service in Albion Place NJ or the rest of the local region when you’re in need of someone you are able to count on for total care of your trees.

Tree Service Montclair NJ

At Arbor Ace Tree Services, we’re a top choice for tree service in Montclair NJ and the rest of the Passaic County NJ area dedicated to ensuring the finest care possible for your trees. The preventive maintenance services we are capable of offering are able to prevent a significant number of tree problems from occurring in the future. There will be times unfortunately when a complete tree removal will be the only option as a tree has become potentially dangerous. As an arborist led tree removal company, we have the experience to know when a tree is arable to be saved and when it needs to be cut down. The fact that tree removal is such an extremely involved procedure means that it should only be performed when it’s absolutely necessary. If you’re in need of a tree removal company in Albion Place NJ to evaluate how hazardous a tree issue is or to handle routine service, there’s no one else you need to contact but Arbor Ace Tree Service.

Tree Service Contractor Albion Place NJ

In order to meet the needs of our commercial clients, Arbor Ace offers commercial snow-plowing and snow-removal as well as our professional tree service in Albion Place NJ. As with our commercial tree cutting and tree removal services, a member of our Arbor Ace team meets with business owners prior to the start of the winter season to provide a free estimate for our commercial snow plow and snow removal services. We also understand how important your animal companions are – that’s why we provide pet-friendly de-icing and salt spreading services. Having someone you are capable of depending on to handle this essential service and being able to know you’ll be taken care of ahead of time is important going into the winter months. Being unprepared for a big snowstorm isn’t a situation you want to find yourself in. To keep the liability issues that can come up from slips and falls on your commercial property to a minimum, take advantage of the ice and snow removal services we supply. You can depend on the same standard of excellence from our snow removal services as our other services as a tree service serving Albion Place NJ.

Tree Removal Company Albion Place NJ

But we do not stop at taking away the snow – we offer the delivery of high quality seasoned hardwood firewood right to your door in addition to tree service in Albion Place NJ. We cut and split the firewood prior to storing it, allowing it to dry. This ensures that the wood will burn as hot and as luminously as possible. Arbor Ace Tree Service will cater to all of your winter needs – firewood delivery, salt spreading and tree service in Albion Place NJ.

Tree Removal Service Montclair NJ

Homeowners who have needed tree service in Albion Place NJ have counted on Arbor Ace Tree Service. We offer a wide variety of services and are capable of meeting the needs of both commercial and residential clients all throughout the year. To learn more about the services we are able to offer or schedule a consultation, get in touch with us today. There’s no need to go anywhere else if you need a tree service in Albion Place NJ.

Certified Arborist


Certified Treecare Safety Professional

NJ Certified Tree Expert


As a Certified Tree Expert and Arborist, Arbor Ace Tree Service owner Mike Zelenka strongly recommends reviewing this important checklist, based on recommendations made by the NJ Board of Tree Experts.

  • Reputation Matters. Reputable companies are most likely too busy to seek your business by knocking on your door unsolicited.
  • A “good deal” isn’t always a good thing. Avoid special pricing that is only offered if you make an immediate decision.
  • Ask for certificates of insurance. Liability and Worker’s Comp insurance protects you if they damage your property or injure someone.
  • Ask for references. If possible, try to look at some previous work the arborist or tree care company has done.
  • Hire a NJ Certified Tree Expert. Go to https://njtreeexperts.org for more information.
  • Verify memberships in any of the tree industry organizations in New Jersey.
  • Check for certifications. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certification indicates a knowledge and understanding of proper tree care work.
  • Acceptable methodologies. Certain unacceptable pruning methods can severely deforms a tree and creates hazardous conditions. Make sure they’re not doing more harm than good.
  • Get a written contract. Know in advance what work is going to be done, the dates the work is scheduled to begin and end, the total cost, what clean-up will be done and whether stump grinding is included if a tree is being removed. Reference to ANSI standards A300 should be included in the agreement.
  • Be flexible. Tree care work usually slows down as winter approaches and you may save money if work can be done in the off-season. The dormant season is actually the best time for certain activities, including tree pruning and some pest control.
An arborist is a specialist in the care of trees. Arborists are knowledgeable about the needs of trees and are trained and equipped to provide proper care. Hiring an arborist is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Proper tree care is an investment that can lead to substantial returns. Well-cared-for trees are attractive and can add considerable value to your property. Poorly maintained trees can be a significant liability.

Pruning or removing trees, especially large trees, can be dangerous work. Tree work should be done only by those trained and equipped to work safely in trees. When you hire a certified tree expert, you can be sure he is reputable and has a superior level of knowledge and understanding of proper tree care work.

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