Call to have a Certified Arborist provide a tree inspection, today:
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Call to have a Certified Arborist provide a tree inspection, today: (973) 903-1641


  • review rating 5  We called Joe after a tree fell along our property and our neighbors taking out a section of our fence. He was quick and Gave us a reasonable price for the tree removal shortly after the storm took out the trash. Joe is very knowledgeable and his guys worked diligently to remove the tree and all debris including pieces of our fence that had been scattered across the lawn. We will likely use Joe again to remove the other tree near our property line.

    thumb Vincent Nicoletti
  • review rating 5  The crew came in and tackled a job of two trees that ended up going across our property and two of our neighbors yards. The guys are great and professional and pricing is fair. I highly reccomend these guys. They are awesome.

    thumb Matthew Takach
  • review rating 5  Great service. I highly recommend them. They are very professional and kind. They left the place spotless. I will definitely do business with them again.

    thumb W Espinosa
  • review rating 5  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: FRIENDLY, PROFESSIONAL, KNOWLEDGEABLE, VERY THOROUGH, COURTEOUS!!! Called Arbor Ace for a non-emergency possible tree removal for a pin oak tree that was over 3 stories high, in between power lines, 2 sheds, a shared fence, and was starting to lift the ground around it. They gave an estimate on when, how long the job would be, and what to expect. They were able to also address all of my questions i had. At the end, we decided it was best to remove the tree. The job was finished in 3 half days (its December, so days are short now), stored and cleaned up the all the branch debris. I was expecting to come home with tree twigs everywhere the day they took down the branches and chipped the wood. I thought i would have to do some light sweeping but was surprised to not find branch/tree debris in my backyard, front yard, drive way or street. They were swift, thorough, efficient! They were able to cut the tree and grind the stump with no damage to our shared fence, sheds, or bushes around the tree. They were very friendly and courteous. They called ahead, reviewed logistics with our schedule, street cleaning, and where to park their vehicles. They also contacted our neighbors ahead of time with permission to use their backyard and block the drive way. I would absolutely recommend them as they went above and beyond expectations.

    thumb Joy Intasamakul
  • review rating 5  I highly recommended Arbor Ace Tree Service. We had a huge magnolia tree that was storm damaged and had to come down. Their price was fair and reasonable. Mike and his crew did a great job. They took great care to thoroughly clean the site after all the tree removal was done.

    thumb Evelyn Skiendziel
  • review rating 5  Extremely thorough and fast. Joe made sure everything went smooth from beginning to end. They even cleaned up the entire property of leaves and branches that were already on the ground. Highly recommended. No issues, problems, or complaints. Joe is also highly knowledgeable in knowing exactly what the different types of trees are and other shrubbery, as well as, knowing what the different types of diseases that possibly can be causing harm to your trees.

    thumb Keith Wester

Tree Service Cost Montclair NJ: Tree Removal

When it comes to tree service in Montclair NJ or surrounding areas, some projects are too substantial and too dangerous, or simply need professional expertise, like that from Arbor Ace Tree Service to ensure they remain healthy. A common rule of thumb is that unless you’re capable of working with both feet on terra firma, you need to hire an expert tree service. Working at elevated height needs proper protection and training due to a number of risk factors such as electrical wires, wildlife, nearby fences, buildings or homes. It isn’t ever worth it to try to cut costs at the expense of your safety. Contacting Arbor Ace Tree Service if you are looking for a tree service in Montclair NJ means that you don’t have to take the risk of trying to do work on your own. Getting your money’s worth and safeguarding your interests is important. Make sure that this is achieved by making the right choice the first time.

Tree Service Montclair NJ

If you require a tree service in the Montclair NJ area, going with the one you’re really capable of relying on the most is in your best interest. The fact that we have such amazing reviews from so many customers and have been known for serving the local community for such a long period of time means that we’re among the best choices you are able to make. Customers trust us for complete tree service, not just a trim or removal. Our pro arborists are going to assist you in determining the best course of action for your existing trees and any trees that you plan on putting in. Cutting and trimming is only the beginning. If you contact Arbor Ace you will get it all. Take advantage of the excellent services Arbor Ace has to provide by getting in touch with now for skilled tree service in Montclair NJ.

Tree Service Company Montclair NJ

You won’t have to look any further if you need a specialist tree removal contractor in Montclair NJ or surrounding areas for tree removal service. Safe and efficient tree removal services is what we are known for. In regards to removing trees, we only use the tools, technologies, and techniques. This way we can make certain that your home and the property surrounding it remain undamaged and safe. The size and type of the tree, in addition to where it is located and what condition it’s in are all factors which have to be taken into account since no tree removal jobs are alike. Large, dead trees which are surrounded by residences are the most hazardous. Removal of trees which are surrounded by other trees is also incredibly challenging. Tree removal can be a job that is potentially dangerous. This is particularly true in places where there are walkways, cars, houses and other foliage. This is the reason hiring the professionals at Arbor Ace is the best choice you are able to make. We’ll review the condition, location, and size of the tree to discover the best method of removal, before we get to the real cutting-down of the tree. Whenever you have to remove a tree or trim a great deal off of a tree – especially if you have to remove large branches and limbs, we encourage you to contact us. There won’t be anything for you to be worried about if you make Arbor Ace your top choice for tree service in Montclair NJ.

Tree Removal Montclair NJ

There might be several reasons why a tree removal in Montclair NJ or surrounding areas has become required. A tree becoming unhealthy is one. It may begin to die and become less sturdy. When a storm or other severe weather occurs, a lifeless tree isn’t going to hold up, making it dangerous. Likewise, any long branches that appear to be dead or dying are equally hazardous, especially when they’re weighed down with smaller limbs or leaves. Branches that hang over vehicles, homes, or walkways should be evaluated even when they’re healthy, since these are capable of posing a threat to the items or individuals below throughout a wind storm or in the winter months. Arbor Ace is capable of evaluating any trees which have you concerned about the safety of your home or the surrounding area, and help determine the best course of action.

Tree Service Contractor Montclair NJ

To make certain everybody has access to our specialist services, and no one feels the need to attempt tree removal on their own or hire a less reliable, less experienced tree service in Montclair NJ or surrounding areas for the job, we strive to supply an affordable and reasonable tree removal cost. The fact that tree cutting is our bread and butter means that when it comes to getting the job done safely and correctly there is no one you can trust more than Arbor Ace.

Tree Removal Service Montclair NJ

If you require tree removal in Montclair NJ or any other type of tree service in Montclair NJ or surrounding areas, we’re fully insured and certified to handle it. When you call a tree removal contractor from Arbor Ace, there isn’t ever going to be any liability issues or questions. We’ve got a lengthy history and steadfast reputation for both trimming and removing trees expertly in addition to offering our customers the best possible customer satisfaction. Providing an estimate for your tree removal that’s honest and accurate is something you are able to depend on from us. The scope of any job, whether it’s something complex or something simple, is something we’ll understand. We’re always going to leave your area as clean as we found it, and you do not have to be worried about things like enormous power equipment trampling through your lawn and flowerbeds and causing damage. With our expertise we’re capable of working as efficiently as the situation calls for. If you are in need of tree removal in Montclair NJ or the rest of the local region, give us a call today.

Tree Removal Contractor Montclair NJ

It’s always in your best interest to call a professional when you need tree cutting in Montclair NJ. In regards to DIY jobs for your lawn, most experts agree that tree removal and tree cutting should not be among them. We’ve got all the special skills and training necessary to handle these types of projects. That means you can leave them in the hands of experienced experts. Saving a few dollars isn’t ever worth putting your life in danger. Each year you’re going to hear stories of people that think they’re capable of handling large tree limbs on their own and become severely injured or even killed. Completely different from cutting up firewood on the ground with a chain saw, tree service is extremely specialized and complicated. In regards to removal of either live or hanging tree branches, there’s so much that must be understood. Power lines and additional possible dangers can make this process especially hazardous. A dead tree is actually capable of being even more hazardous to handle than one that’s living. This is because the dead tree is less stable and will be more unpredictable. In case your tree has been hit by lightening and is ready to fall, please contact Arbor Ace Tree Service today to set up an emergency tree removal in Montclair NJ in order to avoid any risky circumstances. We’ve got a fleet of specialized vehicles ready to come to your rescue whenever the situation arises. A tree removal cost that’s highly affordable means there’s no reason to wait till it’s too late.

Certified Arborist


Certified Treecare Safety Professional

NJ Certified Tree Expert


As a Certified Tree Expert and Arborist, Arbor Ace Tree Service owner Mike Zelenka strongly recommends reviewing this important checklist, based on recommendations made by the NJ Board of Tree Experts.

  • Reputation Matters. Reputable companies are most likely too busy to seek your business by knocking on your door unsolicited.
  • A “good deal” isn’t always a good thing. Avoid special pricing that is only offered if you make an immediate decision.
  • Ask for certificates of insurance. Liability and Worker’s Comp insurance protects you if they damage your property or injure someone.
  • Ask for references. If possible, try to look at some previous work the arborist or tree care company has done.
  • Hire a NJ Certified Tree Expert. Go to https://njtreeexperts.org for more information.
  • Verify memberships in any of the tree industry organizations in New Jersey.
  • Check for certifications. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certification indicates a knowledge and understanding of proper tree care work.
  • Acceptable methodologies. Certain unacceptable pruning methods can severely deforms a tree and creates hazardous conditions. Make sure they’re not doing more harm than good.
  • Get a written contract. Know in advance what work is going to be done, the dates the work is scheduled to begin and end, the total cost, what clean-up will be done and whether stump grinding is included if a tree is being removed. Reference to ANSI standards A300 should be included in the agreement.
  • Be flexible. Tree care work usually slows down as winter approaches and you may save money if work can be done in the off-season. The dormant season is actually the best time for certain activities, including tree pruning and some pest control.
An arborist is a specialist in the care of trees. Arborists are knowledgeable about the needs of trees and are trained and equipped to provide proper care. Hiring an arborist is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Proper tree care is an investment that can lead to substantial returns. Well-cared-for trees are attractive and can add considerable value to your property. Poorly maintained trees can be a significant liability.

Pruning or removing trees, especially large trees, can be dangerous work. Tree work should be done only by those trained and equipped to work safely in trees. When you hire a certified tree expert, you can be sure he is reputable and has a superior level of knowledge and understanding of proper tree care work.

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