Recently, the Arbor Ace crew packed up into the Dodge Ram Megacab and headed from Clifton, New Jersey to Columbus, Ohio for the “World’s Largest Tree Care Show and Conference,” the Tree Care Industry Association’s TCI Expo, November 2 – 4, 2017.  After the 8.5-hour drive, Mike Zelenka, Margaret Zelenka, Mike Tomesko and Joe Tudda (a.k.a. Big Mike) arrived for 2 days of engagement, education and equipment gazing.  The group took classes that ranged from arboriculture and safety practices to business development and workforce diversity.

What this means for you as our customer?  Arbor Ace’s mission is to become a leader in the tree care industry and to have all of our employees love the work they do.  The conference provided just that.  The Arbor Ace team has come back with excitement and the need to put into practice what they’ve learned, both in the office and in the field.

Joe Tudda is the newest to the Arbor Ace team.  As the lead Arborist Technician, Joe attended the courses “Aerial Rescue and Emergency Response: What Every Tree Worker Should Know,” “Arborist as the First Responder,” “Seeing Your Trailer Pass You By” (a course about trailer safety practices) and “Chain Saw Safety.”  If Joe wasn’t an arborist, he’d be an EMT, so these courses were perfect for him.  On the jobsite he’s always making sure that he and the crew practice safety first.  His goal is to become CTSP (Certified Treecare Safety Professional) certified.

Mike Tomesko is our foreman extraordinaire.  We’ve had customers exclaim, “Where did you find this guy? He’s amazing!”  Even with all his excellence, Tomesko could still be taught a thing or two, so he attended “Aerial Rescue and Emergency Response: What Every Tree Worker Should Know,” “Using the Revised ANSI A300 Pruning Standards,” “Organizing Your Operations for Maximum Efficiency,” and “Unique Consulting Projects to Build Your Business.”  Mike left the conference with ideas that translate into an enhanced experience for our customer and a recharge for the love of tree care work.

Margaret Zelenka has been cooped up in the office, so she jumped at the chance for a road trip with the tree crew. Her first session was “Workforce Development Forum” and the second was “Women in Tree Care Forum.”  As she is always on the hunt for highly qualified workers, these first two forums gave her great ideas as to how to grow the business through hiring the right employees.  She also attended lectures on arboriculture like, “What Do Trees Think of Pruning?” and “Top 10 Tree Pests and How to Manage Them” and on the business end she attended “Organizing Your Operations for Maximum Efficiency” and “Handling Problem Employees” (of which, there are none at Arbor Ace).  Margaret’s goal is to become an ISA Certified Arborist and to start doing more estimates for the tree business.

Owner, Mike Zelenka, sponsored the trip and provided the road trip entertainment by way of eclectic playlists from is iPhone.  Once at the conference, Mike and his crew hit the Expo floor looking for the newest innovations in tree climbing equipment, tools and, newest to the wish list, aerial lifts!  Mike attended some lectures on business like, “Harness the Power of the Internet,” “Organizing Your Operations for Maximum Efficiency” and “Unique Consulting Projects to Build Your Business” because he is always committed to providing the best service and experience to his customers.  He also attended “Oak Wilt Management” to attain the knowledge for if and when the oak wilt fungus hits New Jersey.

All in all, the Arbor Ace team was rejuvenated by this conference and will transfer that enthusiasm to their day to day work.  Arbor Ace Tree Service LLC reminds its employees and its customers of its vision statement:

To be leaders in the green industry, not in size, but in the highest quality workmanship.  We aspire to provide the best possible service experience to our clients, all while promoting a culture of safety.”

So the next time you call for tree work, know that Arbor Ace continues to strive for lasting educational and professional growth for our company and that is passed on to our customers through an outstanding customer experience from the moment we greet you to do the estimate to the final clean-up of the property.  Call Arbor Ace at (973) 903-1641 for a free estimate on any and all of your tree work needs.