Here's what our customers have to say about us:

  • review rating 5  Had an entire limb fall off of a Norwegian Maple in the front yard. Tree is damaged and needs removal. Called multiple tree services to no avail. Called Arbor Tree Service early in the AM and spoke to Mike who said that his team would be in touch shortly. 20 minutes later, received a call from Joe who was extremely helpful and informative. Very professional, straightforward and honest when he gave the estimate. Joe went above & beyond getting this on the right track for a prompt resolution. I would recommend their services without any hesitation.

    thumb Jason Rosa
  • review rating 5  Extremely thorough and fast. Joe made sure everything went smooth from beginning to end. They even cleaned up the entire property of leaves and branches that were already on the ground. Highly recommended. No issues, problems, or complaints. Joe is also highly knowledgeable in knowing exactly what the different types of trees are and other shrubbery, as well as, knowing what the different types of diseases that possibly can be causing harm to your trees.

    thumb Keith Wester
  • review rating 5  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: FRIENDLY, PROFESSIONAL, KNOWLEDGEABLE, VERY THOROUGH, COURTEOUS!!! Called Arbor Ace for a non-emergency possible tree removal for a pin oak tree that was over 3 stories high, in between power lines, 2 sheds, a shared fence, and was starting to lift the ground around it. They gave an estimate on when, how long the job would be, and what to expect. They were able to also address all of my questions i had. At the end, we decided it was best to remove the tree. The job was finished in 3 half days (its December, so days are short now), stored and cleaned up the all the branch debris. I was expecting to come home with tree twigs everywhere the day they took down the branches and chipped the wood. I thought i would have to do some light sweeping but was surprised to not find branch/tree debris in my backyard, front yard, drive way or street. They were swift, thorough, efficient! They were able to cut the tree and grind the stump with no damage to our shared fence, sheds, or bushes around the tree. They were very friendly and courteous. They called ahead, reviewed logistics with our schedule, street cleaning, and where to park their vehicles. They also contacted our neighbors ahead of time with permission to use their backyard and block the drive way. I would absolutely recommend them as they went above and beyond expectations.

    thumb Joy Intasamakul
  • review rating 5  Yesterday our neighbors tree fell onto our property, crushing our fence and damaging our retaining wall. He answered the phone at 7:30 a.m. and I was shocked. He calmed our fears and came later in the afternoon to assess the damage. I can honestly say I was very impressed with his worth ethic and appreciate the time he took to explain everything in detail to us. I highly recommend Mike and his company.

    thumb Carmen Rodriguez
  • review rating 5  Highly recommended! Our 100+ year-old backyard cherry tree (which we will miss) was in serious decline and we reluctantly decided it had to come down after losing several large limbs to storms. Arbor Ace did the task efficiently and with care in a rather tight space, avoiding an above-ground pool, a vegetable garden, a fence and my neighbor's garage, all of which were situated beneath major limbs. The clean-up was great. There was literally nothing I had to do afterwards, either at the tree sight or along my driveway and side yard through which all the cuttings were taken to get to the chipper. I also give particular thanks to Joe for his initial straightforward evaluation of the tree's condition and his understanding of our admittedly emotional attachment to the tree (40 years worth).

    thumb Greg Vasilik
  • review rating 5  I wanted to update my initial review from 2017 (see below) because I had the team come out again for some additional work (see details below) and once again Mike, Mike, and Joe along with A.J. helping out during a semester break were fantastic. August 2018 review - I called the team to help with dead limbs on a neighbor's tree overhanging my yard and to help sort out another tree out front in distress. As before, they explained the plan for the work that included respecting the neighbor's tree while making my yard safe for people and an ornamental tree that was being encroached, and gaining approval from the town to address the distressed tree. As before, I am thrilled with the outcome, and so are my neighbors - the trees still look like trees, only better - Thank you guys! November 2017 review - From the initial estimate when Mike explained the goals for pruning a massive oak in the back yard and a smaller tree in the front to clear branches away from wires, to the on-site work as they explained additional details about the trees and their overall health, engaging the neighbors affected by overhanging limbs, and cleaning up not only the branches taken down, but even the leaves in the gutters and flower beds. This is one team that delivers on their promises and then some - so rare and refreshing! Hire this team, you will be glad you did!!

    thumb Lane O'Shea

These guys were great. I called them up for 2 dead trees that had fell over in my backyard due to a recent storm with high winds. Mike showed up gave me a quote and said he’d be back in an hour. It actually took him about 15 minutes to come back with two guys and all the equipment they needed for the job. An hour later the trees where gone and so were the stumps. They left the area cleaner than when they came in and they did it all with a good attitude and a smile on their faces. The price was very reasonable also. I highly recommend Arbor Ace tree service.

– Dionel A.

Excellent work. Came promptly in emergency situation and stabilized dangerous situation. Recommend highly!
Due to heavy wind, one of the tree split and fell on the neighbors roof. Michael answered my call for help 7 am on a Sunday morning. He was at our house within an hour and helped remove a large fallen tree that had fallen on our neighbor’s roof. The next day he arrived early in the morning to remove rest of the tree. I would highly recommend his company. His service was efficient, fast and professional.

– Alex R.

In wake of northeastern storm, one tree in my backyard is learning and tends to fall down. I call AborAce Service, Joe quickly responded and came to do examination. And in a couple of hours, they came back again to remove the trees, and did all cleanup. They really did an excellent job in such cold and windy weekend.

– Wen C.

I called Arbor Ace Tree Service few days ago after realizing that a tree on my property had fallen towards the roof. I wanted to make sure to get the tree down as soon as possible to find out if there was any damage to the roof and that it could cause further damage because of the wind. Mike came right away, he and his team did a spectacular job taking down the tree, making sure there was no damage as well as cleaning afterwards. He genuinely cares about his work, takes the time to explain, provides excellent customer service by understanding everyone’s needs and responding accordingly. It’s a pleasure working with companies like Arbor Ace that have the professionalism, honesty and high work ethics. If you would like to see the real principles of a company, you see how they respond when you have a true emergency. I will definitely continue working with Arbor Ace in the future and would highly recommend them for their honest, professional, through work and reasonable prices even for a last minute emergency.

– Zisan K

The guys at Arbor Ace did a great job for us. I would definitely use them again or recommend them. They also got in touch with the city and helped take care of a tree on the town’s property that was growing over our house. We dealt with Joe. He was really helpful and easy to work with, explained everything that they did and was super friendly!

– Alex D.

I’ve been doing a lot of research in choosing the right tree company. I spoke to several people from different tree companies, but Mike from Arbor Ace has proved to be most reliable and honest. Despite the snowstorm, he made the time to check out the tree as promised. He thoroughly explained why the tree had to be removed and what the process entailed. He is incredibly knowledgeable and I look forward to working with him!

– Tess A.

An excellent job removing several trees from our property – we are very glad that we ended up selecting Arbor Ace to perform the service.
I really liked both details and explanations during an estimate, the fact that we literally did not have to do anything – affected neighbours and the utility company were all handled by Joe and his team. And after the job everything had been left spot clean without any mess. Very happy!
Overall I would highly recommend Arbor Ace to anyone. We definitely plan to hire them in the future when we’ll be ready to plant new trees.

– Tanya P.

I recently worked with Arbor Ace to execute a landscape design for our backyard. We had talked with a few folks, but ultimately went with Arbor because we could tell Mike really knew plants—inside and out. Before we even started, we knew that the backyard would look fantastic, and come mid-summer, we weren’t disappointed. So, A+ for execution. But more importantly, my wife and I like details. Actually, we CRAVE details. So, we’re big on questions. And no matter the questions we asked Mike, he always took the time to answer us thoroughly. I feel like I didn’t just get a great-looking landscape, but an Associates Degree in Botany. It was a really fantastic experience, capped off with surprises like my own trowel, hand pruner, and a wooden bench nestled into Mike’s handiwork. I would (and have) recommended Arbor Ace to anyone. Mike is one of the good ones.

– Matt P.

Arbor Ace is the best tree service we have ever hired. Mike and his crew have removed three trees for us. Each job was accomplished expertly, neatly and safely. We recently had several trees planted in our backyard. Mike is a certified arborist and he guided us through the selection and placement process. After they were planted, mulched and edged he answered all the questions we had about their care. If you ever need any tree or landscaping work done, contact Arbor Ace. You will be glad you did

– Susan F.

I met Mike and his crew when my next door neighbor was having some trees cut. I had wanted to clean up my back yard wooded area in a long time. I asked Mike to give me a suggestion and estimate for the work needed based on his professional expertise. He adjusted his work schedule for a date that’s best for me to do the job. He and his crew performed the work we discussed with such professionalism and the cleanup was remarkable. My back yard woods now looks so much better, it is a joy looking out from my kitchen. Arbor Ace far exceeded my expectations. I have already recommended their service to a friend. Mike, a job well done!

– Wendy

I recently had Arbor Ace Tree Service perform some work on a few trees in my yard. Mike, John, and the rest of the crew provided exceptional service and beat my expectations. They are the definition of professionalism, and are courteous, timely and responsive. Not only did they perform the job we discussed, their cleanup was exceptional, leaving my yard neater and better than when they arrived. You can tell Mike and John are truly proud of their work and it shows in every aspect of their performance. I would recommend Arbor Ace to anyone looking for tree service. Definitely give these guys a call.

– Mike P Kearny

This company is the best. They answered my call on a Sunday and came over right away. They resolved my emergency in a professional manner.

– Franklyn V Ramsey NJ

Skilled and competent at the most difficult tree removal jobs. I have had the pleasure of having this company removal numerous large (70ft +) Ash trees and invasive hazard trees. Whether you need a prune or are looking at forest restoration, this company should be on the list.

– Johnny O Northern NJ


Arbor Ace was referred to me by my neighbor who had nothing but great things to say about this company.  Mike and John responded to my request for an estimate and were at my house 2 days later.  Their estimate was thorough and the price was extremely reasonable.  Mike, John, and their crew could not have been more courteous and knowledgeable.  I still can’t believe how much work they were able to accomplish in two days.  The work on my trees was exceptional, and they left my yard completely clean. I would highly recommend them.

– Deb

Cat Rescue Testimonial

On Dec. 19 2013, my neighbor’s house cat escaped to the great outdoors. We searched for him for 2 days without success. Finally on Sunday the 22nd he was located in the woods at the top of a dead tree, 40 feet above the local river.

No amount of coaching would bring him down off his perilous perch. After contacting the Police & Fire Dept., who informed us that they could do nothing, we searched on-line & found Arbor Ace Tree Service These fine people took the time from their Christmas shopping to drive 12 miles on a Sunday afternoon to see if they could help.

Mission accomplished, the cat was retrieved in a quick professional manner, and watching this team in action it is evident that they know what they are doing. If you are in need of tree service, these are the people you should consider, you won’t be disappointed!

– John Pequannock

Sitting in my living room watching Hurricane Sandy trying to blow a large oak tree over centered in my backyard was such an anxiety ridden experience that I knew if the tree made it through the night I would have to take some precaution to enable the tree to weather the next storm. Inthe spring I called 3 arborists to get their opinion and of the 3 Mike Zelenka was by far the most knowledgeable. Without my uttering a word Mike launched into a 20 minute explanation as to what needed to be done and why. I admit I was a little overwhelmed when he left but after some research and consideration of his thoughts I decided to hire him.

When Mike started working on the tree he was not distracted by the time it would take or by the price he had set which was more than fair. He was very careful not to damage my deck or pool while lowering the larger branches to the ground with the help of his ground crew. The Oak tree is old and very large so it required an entire day of work. Mike’s brother John even came to assist.

It was such a big job. By the time the job was finished and the ground crew had removed every piece of wood from my property I actually felt I had under paid for the job. I mean it was exhausting just watching the work Mike had done that day, Mike is a true professional. He knows his work is important and his main concern is doing the work correctly and safely.

Hope we never have another storm like Sandy but if we do I know that Mike has done everything possible to insure the survival of this large old tree and the protection of my property and my neighbors properties.

– Tony Clifton

The service we received from Arbor Ace was amazing. They were informative, efficient and gave awesome overall service. I highly recommend them to anyone. Mike is on point and knows his stuff!

– J Caruso Wayne

Mike, John, and Chris did a wonderful job cutting my tree; they are very reliable and their work was superb. The task was completed in a timely manner with great efficiency, they were very professional. Best of all, there was no clean-up! I recommend Arbor Ace Tree Services to those who are looking for professional and affordable service! Thanks for all your hard work!

Thanks guys,

– Rob H Clifton

I utilized this company following “Sandy” where I had several large trees topple including one onto a neighbor’s garage and another leaning atop another. They responded and completed the job in one day and left my property in a clean, safe condition. Their prices were reasonable. I can not praise the workmanship enough and would absolutely recommend their services to all.

– Jeff Cedar Grove

Arbor Ace Tree Service did a great job at our home. They took down trees (from Hurricane Sandy), cleaned up much debris in our backyard and removed all the dead branches. The workers were punctual and very professional. They did all the work in one day! I would highly recommend them!

PS. The price was very fair. Thank you, Mike and John!

– Karen Little Falls