Pricing and Tree Removal Costs

I will try to shed some light on the subject. There is no set price to remove a tree. The cost is on a case by case basis. It can be anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The most common factors that set the price are the size and location of the tree, as well as access. All three of these combined give us the difficulty level of the tree. Simply put, the more difficult the tree, the more costly it is to remove.

We will break it down a bit further here and try to give some numbers.

Dump Fees

Since we live in suburbia and space is at a premium, the recycling dumps charge approximately $10.00 per yard for wood chips and $20.00 per yard for loads of logs as well as $25.00 for stump grindings. The size of the tree is a huge factor in pricing the job. The bigger the tree, the higher the dump fee. The estimated costs above do not include trucking; They are only the tipping fee, which is what it costs to tip the contents from the truck at the recycling center.

For Example:
A large oak tree 85’ tall with a 36”DBH
Has 25 yards of chips $250.00 to tip
20 yards of logs $400.00 to tip
8 yards of stump grindings $200.00 to tip
Just to tip the trucks for one large oak tree, can cost us $450.00 for chips and logs and an additional $200.00 for the stump grinding. Therefore, a medium sized tree would have approximately half the tipping costs of a large tree. To save on dump fees, stump grindings can get left on site and used as a root mulch and logs may get left whole onsite to later be processed as firewood. The larger the tree, the more it weighs, and therefore the more difficult it is to move resulting in increased labor.

Tree Location

The closer the tree is located to a structure, road, wires or anything else fragile or hazardous, the more care needs to be taken to remove it without impacting something else. This is why each tree needs to be looked at individually they all have a unique circumstance. The closer the tree is to something, the more challenging it is to remove. This causes an increase in time, which leads to more man hours which results in higher cost.

Tree Accessibility

Is the tree located in a rear yard with no equipment access or can we drive a crane right up to it. A large tree with good access can be taken down in 4 hours with a crane, whereas the same tree in a backyard on a hill with no accessibility may take multiple days to carefully rig down and carry out. The increased time leads to increased labor, driving costs up.


The wildcard of any job is risk. Is the tree in question hazardous? What risk is put upon the tree care contractor and the climber? Any good company such as Arbor Ace Tree Service Llc. mitigates risk with training, education and the right tools to do the task at hand, but we need to add on some dollar amount for taking on the risk in a tricky removal. Every company will perceive this risk differently and associate a different cost to it.

We take into account all the above listed factors and figure out how long the job will take. We will calculate the man hours, equipment utilized, costs of insurance as well as many other factors and arrive at a price that is fair to both parties to remove the tree in question.

Please call our team for your free quote as well as a detailed explanation of what it costs to remove your tree.