Stump Grinding Services

We at Arbor Ace Tree Service have stump grinders large and small to fit any job application. Our equipment includes larger grinders for quickly processing stumps in easy to access locations, along with smaller grinders for getting in between fences or into garden beds. Our smaller grinder can also be lifted with our crane to typically inaccessible locations so we can get the job done no matter the location or difficulty level. A stump grinder is typically a self propelled motorized machine that has a rotating cutting wheel with carbide tipped teeth that when passed over a stump multiple times, grinds it into small pieces. The small pieces of wood chips mixed in with dirt can be used to backfill in the area where the tree stump once was. The excess stump grindings can be hauled away and disposed of or utilized in other places on the property as a natural root mulch.

Why grind your stump?

The main reasons would be to get rid of a tripping hazard as well as a potential place for unwanted insects and animals to take up residency. Typically, stumps are ground a few inches below grade. Arbor Ace Tree Service technicians are trained to look for other tree roots that could have grown into the area being ground, and are mindful not to grind the roots of those surrounding trees as the loss of roots could adversely affect those trees. If there is anything breakable in the area near to where the grinding is to be done, we set up stump grinding guards to reduce the risk of damaging anything.

What you need to know before stump grinding can be done:

Firstly, a markout must be done prior to starting any grinding which can take up to 5 business days. What is a markout? It is when the utility companies mark underground utilities with flags or marking paint. The color of the marking denotes the utility that is located directly underneath it.
ie. (gas,electric,cable,water,etc).

Markouts are done so contractors know exactly where the underground utilities are when stump grinding is being done. This is a free service provided by the utility companies to keep everyone safe. If an underground utility is hit, it can be very hazardous for everyone. So if during an estimate, a Tree Service says they can do the job in the next day or two and it involves stump grinding, it should throw up a red flag. Note that legally, this cannot be done and if the company doing the work hits something and they are underinsured and or uninsured, there could be major issues. For your protection and the best possible job, only get quotes from New Jersey Licensed Tree Experts and make sure they are getting a mark out done. They will be issued a job ticket # with a start date and time. Feel free to request that information.

Stumps that have been leftover from diseased or cut down trees can be a trip hazard, especially if they are located in high-traffic areas close to driveways or sidewalks. Additionally, they attract unwanted insects and critters that can cause harm to lawns and other plants around your home. Stump Grinding helps to eliminate leftover and unwanted stumps by grinding it out with a heavyweight wheel blade. Stump grinding is essential, because it:

Reduces hazards without tearing up ground or other plants’ roots
Reaches the stump at ground level, unlike a chain saw
Can reduce the stump below ground level, so it can be covered top soil

The stump grinder conveniently fits through a 36″ gate for easy backyard access.

Optional service: Stump Grinding chips can be removed as well as topsoil and seed.