Fertilizers Services

In a forest setting, trees are naturally fertilized by decomposing leaf and twig litter from the forest floor. In suburban and city landscapes, the debris is removed, taking any naturally occurring organic nutrients with it.

There is where we can help as a tree service serving Montclair NJ, Wayne NJ and the surrounding area. When we apply fertilizer, we use professional-grade, slow-release nutrient formulations which most closely mimic what occurs in the natural setting of the forest floor, only with more accuracy and uniformity.

These treatments are soaked or injected directly into the roots of trees, providing all the nutrients your trees and shrubs need to thrive. In the urban landscape, soils become compacted, deprived of oxygen and need aeration. The ideal application for nutrients is soil injection under pressure. You achieve a three-fold purpose; deep root watering, aeration, and fertilization.

It is important to understand that trees with good nutrient health are more resistant to disease, insects and extreme weather conditions. Regular preventative applications will maintain the health and beauty of your landscape.

Seasonal Tips
For more information about seasonal care of your trees and shrubs, view these Real Solutions Tips below!

These fertilizers we use contain:

Nitrogen – Often lacking in urban soils, nitrogen breaks down with microbial activity over 9 to 12 months, and will not leach from the soil.
Phosphorous – A highly refined, low-salt source, phosphorous is essential for energy transfer and photosynthetic system within the tree system.
Iron, copper, manganese and zinc – These secondary elements function primarily as a part of the enzyme system, essential for various energy transfers, assimilation, and growth processes within the plant.
Potassium – Potassium is “no salt” source needed for carbohydrate formation, photosynthesis and protein synthesis. It also increases water absorption and frost resistance.
Humates – All organic, highly decomposed plant and microbe material, which stimulates organic activity in the soil. It increases uptake of applied and present nutrients in the soil, and increases water-holding capacity.