Unfortunately no, it would not be fair for me or you to give you a price to remove a tree without having seen it in person. Either I will be charging too little or too much based on information given over the phone. During a phone conversation, what may be a big tree to you may be a small tree to me or vice versa. I may have in depth questions about clearances and need precise measurements.
This is why we provide free estimates and site visits. Our estimators are arborists who are trained to notice all the minute details of the job site. If we happen to overlook something, which we won’t, it will be on us to figure out a solution. It is a time to set timeframes as well as job expectations. We like to go over the entire job at length, so if you choose to hire us we can show up and have the job go as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible which in turn allows us to give our best price.

Our goal is to always have Happy Customers and to achieve that goal the job must be fair for both the client as well as the tree removal company and it all starts with a site visit.