I will begin by saying there are no set prices for tree removal or pruning. The major factor in cost differences is that no two companies operate exactly the same and operating costs vary widely across the board based on the companies operating expenses.

Let’s get into what sets the price.

Who is actually doing the work on your property? Are some crew members performing the work Certified Arborists as well as Licensed Tree Experts; highly trained, educated, licensed industry professionals that wear PPE (personal protective equipment) and have Bluetooth communication devices like the employees at Arbor Ace?

Or are they new hires and is this their first day on the job or are they somewhere in between. Once a tree is removed or pruned, if not done properly, the damage can be irreversible. In the long run, it is cheaper to hire professionals to do the job right the first time rather than wasting time and money by having to have it done twice.

Does the company have general liability insurance as well as workman’s compensation insurance in case someone gets hurt on your site? Fully insured companies typically charge more than uninsured or underinsured companies do because the insurance for tree care operations is quite expensive. We at Arbor Ace are fully insured for your protection, as well as our own and our employees.

Care of the job site. What condition will your property be left in after the tree is removed? Ask the Arborist that comes out for the estimate if they rake up the entire job site as well as the surrounding properties. What about any sawdust that may have blown on the roof or gutters, will it be cleaned off? If the tree stump is being ground, will excess stump grindings be removed and will the area be raked level? Typically, a five-star tree service company needs to charge more since they are spending more time on a proper cleanup as well as removing all the debris, therefore incurring higher dump fees as well as increased labor costs. Always ask what is and what is not included. We at Arbor Ace always strive to leave your property in a better condition than we found it in.

What type of equipment is being utilized? This is a factor in pricing, but a company with extensive equipment including high tech cranes with grapple-saws, and bucket trucks such as ourselves doesn’t necessarily charge more; they will just get the job done faster as the machines make the job much more efficient. In my opinion, there is a direct correlation between efficiency and safety.

What does all of this mean to you, the customer? It means educate yourself a little on tree care, do your research on the companies you’re interviewing and ask the right questions. Check out the company’s website as well as their online reviews.
Remember, the cheapest price usually doesn’t always turn out to be the cheapest in the long run. Look for the contractor that will provide the best overall value.

The best piece of advice I can give you when choosing a contractor is to go with who you feel in your heart is going to do the best job for you. Hire a company that you trust, so in the event that something does go wrong, they have the resources and the inclination make it right immediately. Choose a company that takes responsibility for their actions and does right by their clients as well as the trees. Select a company that has been in business a while with a permanent place of business, and not just a P.O. box.

In the end, there are no set prices, but you do get what you pay for. When comparing quotes, it is difficult to compare apples to apples, so ask a lot of questions and see who gives you the best answer; not just what you may want to hear, but a true reason with the science behind it. Call us for a free honest evaluation of your trees and see the value we provide. We call it the Arbor Ace Difference. We will tell you exactly how much it costs to remove the tree in question, as well as why it costs what it costs for removing that individual tree in that individual location. There are some things you can’t put a price on and number one is peace of mind knowing the job will be done right the first time by people that care about trees.