Pruning a tree requires careful use of equipment and knowledge of the tree at hand. It is important to steer clear of companies that use spikes and the antiquated lions-tail branching technique. Using spikes to climb trees while pruning, leaves unsightly open wounds. Each spike wound then becomes an entry way, which makes the tree susceptible to pathogens and insect invasions. Spikes should only be used when removing the entire tree.

When companies lions-tail limbs, they remove the inner branches, causing the remaining limb to resemble a lion’s tail. When these crucial limbs are removed, the length of the lever increases while simultaneously decreasing the limbs ’ability to withstand movement from high winds.

Both of the above mentioned practices should be avoided entirely. Asking tree care companies about their pruning techniques prior to hiring them is a great way to ensure your trees will be taken care of with the best techniques.