Call to have a Certified Arborist provide a tree inspection, today:
(973) 903-1641

Call to have a Certified Arborist provide a tree inspection, today: (973) 903-1641


  • review rating 5  Thank you guys for all the help. These guys are very professional at what they do. They were doing a job for my neighbor and while doing it they called for my attention to provide safety measurements around the perimeter they were working at. I loved that! Because they looked out for my kids. They were also kind enough to cut out some invasive vines that were growing on my property. Would definitely recommend them for the job. Great service.

    thumb Katherine Lecaro
  • review rating 5  The crew came in and tackled a job of two trees that ended up going across our property and two of our neighbors yards. The guys are great and professional and pricing is fair. I highly reccomend these guys. They are awesome.

    thumb Matthew Takach
  • review rating 5  I was extremely satisfied with the work performed by Arbor Ace Tree Service .They did an outstanding job of removing and grinding out the stump of a large tree in my backyard that was difficult to access.They were professional, friendly and courteous and above all put safety first.They are a very efficient and well coordinated team that has all the bases covered. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone as they exceeded my expectations with the excellent service they provided.

    thumb Tibor Kiraly
  • review rating 5  I recently called Arbor Ace Tree Service and another company to give me estimates for an emergency removal of two trees that had fallen from the adjacent property onto my backyard fence and garage. I then encountered the awkward situation when both companies arrived within minutes of each other to give me their estimates. Not only was Arbor Ace Tree Service courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and thorough but they agreed to split the job with the other company, who was quoting me the same price for also doing the job immediately. Arbor Ace Tree Service and the other company combined to get the job done in half the time for the same combined price both were quoting me individually. I wholeheartedly recommend Arbor Ace Tree Service (and the other company, who is also getting a 5-star review from me) for emergency tree removal needs.

    thumb Amod Vaze
  • review rating 5  I just called Arbor Ace on a Sunday and received a call bak in 10 minutes from the owner Mike, who could not have possibly been any more helpful than he was. The nature of my call was very specific, and after I explained what I needed, Mike was quick to tell me that he knew a specialist who might be better equipped to handle my particular situation, and so he referred me to the specialist. I have to say that I have dealt with many contractors, landscapers, etc., and his upfront and transparent nature and willingness to be helpful was quite refreshing. So on this basis I am giving them 5 stars and they will be the top of my list to call for my future needs.

    thumb Chris Mulvihill
  • review rating 5  We called Joe after a tree fell along our property and our neighbors taking out a section of our fence. He was quick and Gave us a reasonable price for the tree removal shortly after the storm took out the trash. Joe is very knowledgeable and his guys worked diligently to remove the tree and all debris including pieces of our fence that had been scattered across the lawn. We will likely use Joe again to remove the other tree near our property line.

    thumb Vincent Nicoletti

Tree Removal Company North Haledon NJ

One of the most important decisions for the long term health of your property is employing a qualified arborist headed tree service near Montclair NJ or the rest of the local area. Proper tree care isn’t something that should be underestimated. Tree service is a good investment as trees which are appealing and well maintained will lead to your property increasing in value. Another variable to take into consideration is that trees that aren’t properly cared for could place your house and family in harm’s way. Hiring a professional possessing the right qualifications is incredibly important since tree cutting and tree removal can be exceptionally dangerous work. This is especially true when it comes to large trees. Contact Arbor Ace Tree Service when you’re in need of a qualified tree service in Montclair NJ.

Tree Service Montclair NJ

Since you want a recommended contractor who has strong ties in the local area and has been in business a considerable period of time, hiring a local tree service in Montclair NJ is a good idea. A local contractor is also in a better position to provide you with emergency tree service. Arbor Ace meets all these conditions and more. Arbor Ace Tree Service is based out of Clifton NJ, and an excellent alternative if you need tree removal or tree cutting in North Haledon NJ. We’ve been supplying tree services for homeowners in the local area for years, directed by certified arborist Michael Zelenka.

Tree Removal Montclair NJ

We offer a wide array of types of tree service in Montclair NJ and the rest of the local region to ensure your trees are kept in the finest health possible. The utilization of pesticides is an essential part of preventative tree services. Your trees’ long term health can benefit considerably from the use of pesticides, but to ascertain what your exact needs are and which treatment is going to be most effective, the expert evaluation of an arborist led tree service company is necessary. Don’t allow the fact that pests may be small to fool you. If not dealt with in a timely manner, the effect on the long term health of your trees is capable of being devastating. Relying on routine tree maintenance from a respected tree removal service in North Haledon NJ or the rest of the local area such as Arbor Ace Tree Service is going to make sure that your trees remain healthy and strong. When you’d like to keep your overall tree removal cost to a minimum, it is crucial to invest in these kinds of services because trees which contract diseases are going to become more vulnerable, and have an increased likelihood of falling when extreme weather and storms hit. Catching these types of problems in a timely fashion is important as you never want these types of diseases to spread to the other trees on your property and lead to an even larger issue. There are unfortunately times when tree is unable to be saved. In this case we’re completely prepared to provide services when it comes to tree removal.

Tree Service Company Montclair NJ

The fact that we supply a wide range of types of tree service in Montclair NJ and the rest of the local area means that you can take advantage of our stump grinding services. This is a frequently forgotten about service following tree removal, but don’t underestimate how crucial it is. To prevent stumps from becoming a hazard, we are able to effectively deal with them. Not only are they easy to be tripped over and therefore a liability and safety issue, but can quickly become a home for unwanted insects and other pests. Let a trained expert deal with stump grinding and removal and make sure this won’t happen. This may seem like a job that you could easily do yourself, but this is far from the case. With the specialized tools and experience we can provide at Arbor Ace, the stump is even able to be removed from below the ground level, so it can be totally covered with topsoil. All you need to do is give us a call right away at Arbor Ace Tree Services if you need a tree removal company in North Haledon NJ and have an interest in finding out more about stump grinding services.

Tree Removal Company Montclair NJ

Commercial snow plowing and ice removal is another service we provide in addition to being a top alternative for a tree removal company in Montclair NJ. We provide a broad range of snow and ice management services, including salt spreading, sidewalk shoveling and snow stacking. In this way we are able to make certain that your business property is easily accessible and safe during the brutal winter months. You can even depend on us for pet safe ice treatment services. In this way, if you make Arbor Ace Tree Services your first choice tree service contractor in North Haledon NJ, we can take care of your property in a variety of ways. Call us right away for more information.

Tree Cutting Montclair NJ

As an arborist led tree service in Montclair NJ, we only recommend tree removal when all other methods have been exhausted. We will be able to determine if you’re really in need of a total tree removal, and perform the work with cutting edge gear to ensure your safety. Many times the tree can be left in place, with some trimming performed to ensure that its integrity will be preserved safely. We can also take care of stump grinding for trees that have been removed. When you’re in need of emergency services to safeguard your home and family after a serious storm, we additionally offer emergency tree removal in North Haledon NJ which is fast and safe.

Tree Removal Service Montclair NJ

Whatever your needs are in terms of tree service in North Haledon NJ, the specialist arborists at Arbor Ace Tree Service will get the job done right. Contact us (973) 903-1641 to make an appointment for your complimentary tree inspection.

Certified Arborist


Certified Treecare Safety Professional

NJ Certified Tree Expert


As a Certified Tree Expert and Arborist, Arbor Ace Tree Service owner Mike Zelenka strongly recommends reviewing this important checklist, based on recommendations made by the NJ Board of Tree Experts.

  • Reputation Matters. Reputable companies are most likely too busy to seek your business by knocking on your door unsolicited.
  • A “good deal” isn’t always a good thing. Avoid special pricing that is only offered if you make an immediate decision.
  • Ask for certificates of insurance. Liability and Worker’s Comp insurance protects you if they damage your property or injure someone.
  • Ask for references. If possible, try to look at some previous work the arborist or tree care company has done.
  • Hire a NJ Certified Tree Expert. Go to https://njtreeexperts.org for more information.
  • Verify memberships in any of the tree industry organizations in New Jersey.
  • Check for certifications. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certification indicates a knowledge and understanding of proper tree care work.
  • Acceptable methodologies. Certain unacceptable pruning methods can severely deforms a tree and creates hazardous conditions. Make sure they’re not doing more harm than good.
  • Get a written contract. Know in advance what work is going to be done, the dates the work is scheduled to begin and end, the total cost, what clean-up will be done and whether stump grinding is included if a tree is being removed. Reference to ANSI standards A300 should be included in the agreement.
  • Be flexible. Tree care work usually slows down as winter approaches and you may save money if work can be done in the off-season. The dormant season is actually the best time for certain activities, including tree pruning and some pest control.
An arborist is a specialist in the care of trees. Arborists are knowledgeable about the needs of trees and are trained and equipped to provide proper care. Hiring an arborist is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Proper tree care is an investment that can lead to substantial returns. Well-cared-for trees are attractive and can add considerable value to your property. Poorly maintained trees can be a significant liability.

Pruning or removing trees, especially large trees, can be dangerous work. Tree work should be done only by those trained and equipped to work safely in trees. When you hire a certified tree expert, you can be sure he is reputable and has a superior level of knowledge and understanding of proper tree care work.

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