What can be done with your stump once the tree is cut down? There are a few different options.
The first and cheapest option would be to cut as close to the ground as possible with a chainsaw. It would still be sticking a little bit above the ground, causing a slight tripping hazard.
The next option would be to grind it out. This requires a stump grinder with carbide cutting teeth to cut through the stump, dirt and rocks that we encounter. We recommend where environmental conditions allow, to grind at least 3-4 inches below grade. Once the stump is ground, we rake the area out level and drive the machine over the freshly ground area if accessible to compact grindings down to reduce further setting. The excessive grindings will either be removed from the job site and disposed of or used as mulch on site. This highly sought-after root mulch is great for your garden beds. Please see a future blog on the benefits of mulching.
If the stump is located amongst other trees, we will only do a shallow grind about an inch below grade, as we don’t want to damage the roots of surrounding trees.
A couple important things a contractor should do before stump grinding can safely begin:
  1. Have the underground utilities marked out so there is no conflict
  2. Clear the area of any people, animals or breakable objects
  3. The contractor should set up a containment barrier around the area to be ground to stop objects (wood chips, rocks, and dirt) from being thrown by the grinder.
The last option is what we here at Arbor Ace Tree Service Llc call a memory stump. This is where we cut the stump to about three feet in height and cut a hole into the top of it, creating a natural planter. This planter will last for years to come. It is a way to celebrate a favorite tree that had to be removed, typically due to structural defects.
Please call us to come out for a site visit so we can discuss the different options and help you choose what is best for you, the landscape, and your budget.